Human & Wildlife Ecology

Humans are now the most significant selective force on Earth which has resulted in our current geological period being named the Anthropocene. This course examines the life history, behaviour and habits of plant and animal species in the context of human activities. Management techniques will include methodology, materials, equipment, and strategies used for resolving issues with plants and animals. It will also explore laws and hazards of repelling or removing such species and the risks to humans, plants, and animals. Most importantly, all methods and strategies will be examined in the context of the ecology of humans and wildlife.

Fleming’s Ecosystem Management Technician program highlights a holistic approach to the management of human activity within ecosystems. We will prepare students for an exciting career that can take them where THEY want to go, either in their home community, in a wilderness environment, or across the globe. Students study ecosystem composition, structure and function in wilderness, rural, and urban landscapes, and acquire a broad range of technical skills, as well as the flexibility to adapt to changing job requirements.