Taking Risks

I am both excited and nervous. We have started down a new and uncertain road that none of us have traveled and we will without a doubt learn something new on our journey. My personal philosophy is to always make sure that I am doing something that makes me feel this way. I have learned that the rewards, regardless of “success” or “failure”, are too great to miss out on the opportunities presented by trying something new and unfamiliar. Change is opportunity and we are taking the opportunity to both change how we do things and change our own scope of what is possible.

Some say why take the risk? Why make the extra effort? Why make things complicated? We say: Why not? Why shouldn’t students write their own text? Why not make sure that their effort to meet course expectations meets the needs of their community? Why not provide an environment where learning results in solutions to the challenges we face?

Photo Credit: Caitlin McManus, 2012


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